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Where there is devotional music, God with his grace is always present.

J. S. Bach

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Ps 97 Thanh Vinh by Kim Long
Vietnamese setting of Psalm 97 "The Lord comes to rule the earth with justice"
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Ca Khuc Tram Huong by Dao Kim
Vietnamese - "My words like incense reach to the heavens, shimmering the heavens." English translation by Sr. Hoa Nguyen and Fr. Tat T. Hoang, C.Ss.R.
Shared Library
Ps 84 How lovely is your dwelling place
by Arnel DC Aquino, with arrangement by Nonang Sampang. all rights reserved. Popular in the Philippines.
Shared Library
Tinapay Ng Buhay (Bread of Life)
by Francisco/ Reyes/ Borres/ Atienza and copyright Jesuit Communications Foundation Inc, all rights reserved

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Psalm 51 Be merciful, O Lord, for we have sinned
Be merciful, O Lord, for we have sinned, Be merciful, O Lord, for we have sinned. 1. Have mercy on me, God, in your kindness. In your compassion, blot out my offense. O wash...
Chant Library
Consummati{'o}nem fungens in ara, porréxit manum suam in libati{'o}ne, et lib{'a}vit de s{'a}nguine uv{ae} eff{'u}dit in fundaménto alt{'a}ris od{'o}rem div{'i}num excélso Pr{'i}ncipi. T.P. Allel{'u}ia.
Chant Library
MeDITÁBOR in mandátis tuis, quaediléxi valde: et levábo manus meas ad mandáta tua, quae diléxi.
CML Library
All who hunger, gather gladly
All who hunger gather gladly We are one in Christ the Lord. Sharing, praying, healing, teaching In His name we spread the Word. One in purpose we are ready Following our Christ adored, Refrain Taste and...
Chant Library
Beati qui custodiunt
Beáti, qui custódiunt judícium, et fáciunt justítiam in omni témpore. T. P. Allelúia.
Chant Library
Ecce lignum Crucis
EcCelebransce lignum CruCantorcis, inOmnes quo salus mundi pepéndit: veníte, adorémus.
Shared Library
I will lift my eyes
Use of this copy is limited to the concert by Tony Alonso at Yale on October 7, 2018
CML Library
Proper 27 (II) Psalm 17:1-9 - Sipple
I call upon you, O God, for you will answer me; incline your ear to me and hear my words. 1. Hear my plea of innocence, O Lord; give heed...
CML Library
Advent 3 - Psalm 146: 4-9 Sipple
The Lord shall reign for ever, your God, O Zion, throughout all generations. Hallelujah! 4. Happy are they who have the God of Jacob for their help! whose help is in...
CML Library
Good Friday - Psalm 22: 1-15 - Sipple
My God, my God, why have you forsaken me? and are so far from my cry and from the words of my distress? 2. O my God, I cry in the...
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