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Attende Domine
Attende, Domine, et miserere, quia peccavimus tibe. Attende, Domine, et miserere, quia peccavimus tibe. 1. Ad te Rex summe, omnium Redem tor oculos nostros sublevamus flentes: exaudi, Christe, supplicantum preces. Attende,...
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Credo VI
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Receive this soul in paradise
1. Come to his aid, O Saints of God; Come meet him angels of the Lord, Receive his soul, O holy ones; present him now to God, Most High. 2. May...
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Credo V Organ
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Four Marian Hymns by Colin Brumby
1. Hail, Queen of Heaven 2. Ave Maria, O Maiden, O Mother 3. Immaculate Mary 4. Hail, holy Queen
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Those who love and those who labor (Ode to Joy)
Beethoven's tune with orchestral version rhythm.
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Fuit homo
FuIT homo missus a Deo, cui nomen Joánnes erat: hic venit. V/. Ut testimónium perhibéret de lúmine, et...
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Psalm 146 Blessed the poor in spirit
responsorial psalm by Dylan Fay, Center for Music and Liturgy. freely shared
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Mortem tuam annuntiamus
Mystérium fídei. vel Mystérium fídei. R/. Mortem tuam annuntiámus, Dómine, et tuam resurrectiónem confitémur, donec vénias.
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Ave Maria by Mascagni
from Mascagni's "Cavalleria rusticana" and arranged SATB by Jes Wagner
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Praefatio solemnis de Nativitate Domini
PeR ómnia s'aecula saeculórum. R/. Amen. V/. Dóminus vobíscum. R/. Et cum spíritu tuo. V/. Sursum corda. R/. Habémus ad Dóminum. V/. Grátias agámus Dómino Deo nostro. R/. Dignum et...
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