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1. Psalm 27: the Lord is my light - w/ chords
2. Gloria - Mass XII "Pater cuncta" Organ
3. Proper 9 (I) Psalm 30 Year C - Sipple

Create and share music lists with ease

Find and arrange music, readings and prayers for your performers and congregation. You will be able to download your creations as PDFs that you can print or let others view on a mobile device. Your custom music lists can create a more focused worship service.

Available online

Unique tools for music directors and organists


Search once

Easily search different libraries at once and make music discovery more dynamic.


Add your own

You are not restricted to using only pre-published sheet music. That means you can also find unique music perfect for your service.


All types of music

From a complete Gregorian chant library to traditional hymns and contemporary songs, easily find the most appropriate music for your setting.

A growing community of composers who have their worship music performed around the world

The complete library of sacred music favorites from One License

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