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J. Stearsman at The Confederation Of Acapella Hymnists
2018-09-07 ● 2 pages ● 980 views ● 1 time added to a Music List
dawn taylor-groom at Colin's Library
2017-03-08 ● 2 pages ● 1,617 views
music by Colin Brumby - text by Isaac Watts
Richard Gard at Monday night Prayer
2017-01-06 ● 2 pages ● 2,667 views ● 2 times added to a Music List
Taize-style song set by R. Gard - English text is suitable for Eastertide, especially for Easter Vigil or Easter Sunday blessing with water.
Jes Wagner at Jes Wagner
2017-02-20 ● 11 pages ● 2,589 views
From his lesser known opera "Edgar". You may freely use and copy this score. If you have the free software MuseScore installed you may find the score in MuseScore file format on for voice practice.
Gabrael StClair at Saint Thomas More Chapel at Yale
2018-11-15 ● 2 pages ● 669 views
Richard Gard at Hearing 501 - 9:00 AM
2017-02-07 ● 10 pages ● 1,724 views ● 2 times added to a Music List
SATB plus keyboard- free edition by Michael Gibson. Full set of all Mass movements available on through the SEASONAL MUSIC library of Cloud Hymnal.
St. Antoine Daniel Kyriale
2018-08-10 ● 2 pages ● 1,123 views
Pedro Guerrero at Pedro Guerrero
2017-07-25 ● 3 pages ● 838 views ● 2 times saved as Favorite
Holy Trinity Santísima Trinidad Bilingual
St. Antoine Daniel Kyriale
2018-08-10 ● 2 pages ● 769 views
dawn taylor-groom at Colin's Library
2017-03-15 ● 2 pages ● 1,146 views
by Colin Brumby
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