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The Center for Music and Liturgy supports the sharing of new sacred music. We share and promote the works of skilled composers who allow the free use of their music. We also share and promote work by skilled editors and arrangers of public domain music.
Julian Darius Revie
The Center for Music and Liturgy supports a Composer in Residence specifically charged with composing and perfoming new sacred music at Saint Thomas More Chapel at Yale. Julian Darius Revie is both Chapel Organist and the Composer in Residence.
Dylan Fay
The Center for Music and Liturgy supports interns drawn from students of Yale University in the fields of cantor and song leader, liturgist, accompanist, and composer. The composition interns practicing their craft with the choir and community of Saint Thomas More Chapel as their testing ground, thereafter sharing their work in the Cloud Hymnal
Colin Brumby
The Center for Music and Liturgy shares the work of established composers creating free music for the Church. Some composers, like Colin Brumby, are world famous while others are currently unknown and seeking new audiences and performance opportunities for their music.

Cloud Hymnal seeks composers of all sacred music styles who wish to share their music. The Center for Music and Liturgy can offer composers a tax deduction in exchange for the donation of original music or new arrangements of public domain music. Composers and arrangers may also freely share their music in the Shared Library while retaining all rights, including the right to withdraw their works from the Shared Library at any time.