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play_arrowAgain we keep the solemn fast
play_arrowAlleluia (Divine Shepherd)
play_arrowAll glory, laud and honor
play_arrowAll hail the power of Jesus' name
play_arrowAll people that on earth do dwell
play_arrowAmazing Grace
play_arrowAmen (Divine Shepherd)
play_arrowAmen Amen! see Him at the temple
play_arrowAttende Domine
play_arrowAt that first Eucharist
play_arrowAt the cross her station keeping
play_arrowAustralian Mass -Glory to God Gloria
play_arrowAustralian Mass -Holy holy holy
play_arrowAustralian Mass -Lamb of God
play_arrowAustralian Mass - Lord have mercy
play_arrowAustralian Mass -Memorial Accl
play_arrowBlessed feasts of blessed martyrs
play_arrowBoast in our Hope
play_arrowBreathe on me, o breath of God
play_arrowChrist is made the sure foundation
play_arrowCome, ye sinners
play_arrowCome Holy Ghost
play_arrowCome adore
play_arrowDaniel 3: Glory and praise
play_arrowDona nobis pacem - Round
play_arrowFor the beauty of the earth
play_arrowFor the healing of the nations
play_arrowGlory to God - Brumby Gloria in C major
play_arrowGod whose almighty word
play_arrowGo in peace - Shalom chaverim (round)
play_arrowGood Friday: The Stations of the Cross
play_arrowHail the day that sees Him rise
play_arrowHoly God, we praise thy name
play_arrowHoly Holy (Divine Shepherd)
play_arrowHoly holy holy, Lord God almighty
play_arrowHoly manna
play_arrowHow can I keep from singing
play_arrowIf ye love me
play_arrowI heard the voice of Jesus say
play_arrowI know that my redeemer lives
play_arrowIn Christ there is no East or West
play_arrowIsaiah 12: You will draw water
play_arrowI sing the mighty power of God
play_arrowJesu dulcis memoria
play_arrowJesus, the very thought of you (chant)
play_arrowJesus Walked this Lonesome Valley
play_arrowJesus shall reign
play_arrowLamb of God (Divine Shepherd)
play_arrowLet all mortal flesh
play_arrowLet us break bread together
play_arrowLife more abundantly
play_arrowLord, who throughout these forty days
play_arrowLord of all nations
play_arrowLove Divine, All Loves Excelling
play_arrowMass for All Seasons -Alleluia
play_arrowMass for All Seasons -Glory to God Gloria
play_arrowMass for All Seasons - Holy holy holy
play_arrowMass for All Seasons -Lamb of God
play_arrowMass for All Seasons -Lord have mercy
play_arrowMass for All Seasons -Mem Accl
play_arrowMass of Christ Enthroned -Glory to God Gloria
play_arrowMass of Christ Enthroned -Gospel Alleluia
play_arrowMass of Christ Enthroned -Holy holy
play_arrowMass of Christ Enthroned -Lamb of God
play_arrowMass of Christ Enthroned - Lenten Acclamation
play_arrowMass of Christ Enthroned -Lord have mercy
play_arrowMass of Christ Enthroned -Memorial Accl
play_arrowMemorial Acclamation (Divine Shepherd)
play_arrowO God of every nation
play_arrowO sacred head surrounded
play_arrowO saving victim
play_arrowPange lingua (English)
play_arrowPange lingua (Latin)
play_arrowPraise to the Lord, the almighty
play_arrowPsalm 22 Why have you abandoned me
play_arrowPsalm 23 The Lord is my shepherd
play_arrowPsalm 23 the Lord is my shepherd (Brumby)
play_arrowPsalm 23 the Lord is my shepherd (Revie)
play_arrowPsalm 27 The Lord is my light
play_arrowPsalm 27:1
play_arrowPsalm 33 Lord, let your mercy be on us
play_arrowPsalm 34 the Lord hears the cry of the poor
play_arrowPsalm 46
play_arrowPsalm 51 (choral version)
play_arrowPsalm 51 Be merciful, O Lord, for we have sinned
play_arrowPsalm 62 Rest my soul
play_arrowPsalm 69
play_arrowPsalm 89 - Forever I will sing
play_arrowPsalm 95 If today you hear God's voice
play_arrowPsalm 103 The Lord is kind and merciful
play_arrowPsalm 104 Come, Lord Jesus
play_arrowPsalm 112 The just man is a light
play_arrowPsalm 119 Blessed are they
play_arrowPsalm 121 Our help is from the Lord
play_arrowPsalm 130 With the Lord there is mercy
play_arrowPsalm 130: Out of the depths
play_arrowPsalm 147
play_arrowRejoice the Lord is King
play_arrowSinging songs of expectation
play_arrowSing praise to God who reigns above
play_arrowSoftly and Tenderly Jesus is Calling
play_arrowSomebody's knocking at your door
play_arrowSouthern Cross Mass -Glory to God Gloria
play_arrowSouthern Cross Mass -Holy holy
play_arrowSouthern Cross Mass -Lamb of God
play_arrowSouthern Cross Mass -Lord have mercy
play_arrowSouthern Cross Mass -Mem Accl
play_arrowSt. John Passion
play_arrowSteal away
play_arrowTantum ergo
play_arrowThat Easter day
play_arrowThe King of Love My Shepherd Is
play_arrowThe day you gave us, Lord, is ended
play_arrowThe glory of these 40 days
play_arrowThere's a wideness in God's mercy
play_arrowThose who love and those who labor (Ode to Joy)
play_arrowTis good, Lord, to be here
play_arrowTis the gift to be simple
play_arrowUbi caritas: Where there is charity
play_arrowVictimae Paschali laudes
play_arrowWarm up 1: su-o-ah
play_arrowWarm up 2: mi-me-ma
play_arrowWarm up 3: ya-ya
play_arrowWarm up 4: rise
play_arrowWe are marching
play_arrowWere you there
play_arrowWhat wondrous love is this
play_arrowWhen Jesus wept