Vouchsafe admit thy gracious ear
by R. Gard
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Vouchsafe, admit thy gracious ears,
With mild regard for to attend
The prayers, that a plaining heart
With sorrowing sighs to thee doth send:
And let thereto, o loving Lord,
Thy insight and thy truth accord.

Amid the darkness led am I,
Where lack of light sin’s view denies:
I live a life more like to death,
While dead from grace my body lies,
And where as care through secret smart
Sends anguish to afflict my heart.

But I, O Lord, recall to mind
What thou hast done in time before,
And how thy Justice hath been great,
But how thy Mercy hath been more.
Thus hope of help still comfort gives,
While Mercy still with Justice lives.

But since my hope is firm in thee,
Let me betimes thy mercy have,
The way of health make known to me,
My feet from erring paths to save.
To thee only my soul retires:
Thy mercy only it desires.

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