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Here I Find God (Revised for 2 Voices)
Uploaded by Gabrael StClair at Saint Thomas More Chapel at Yale on 2019-03-15
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Here I Find God
Gabrael StClair, 2016, 2019.
Meditation for 2 Voices. Verse Lyrics based on St. John of the Cross, “First Romance: On the Gospel—Regarding The Most Blessed Trinity” (trans. Kavanaugh & Rodriguez, The Collected Works, 1979, p. 724)


Here I find God,
In my heart,
In my heart.
Here is God’s heart,
All around,
All around.


God is love, lover and beloved
Each lived in the other.
Boundless, this Grace
Holds all time and space.

Joy breathes among the Holy Three,
Seen and unseen.
The more this love is one,
The more deeply found.

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