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Where there is devotional music, God with his grace is always present.

J. S. Bach

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Litany of the Saints
The English translation and chants of The Roman Missal © 2010, International Commission on English in the Liturgy Corporation. All rights reserved.
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Ubi caritas: Where there is charity
Where there is charity and love, there the God of love abides. 1. The love of Christ has gathered us as one; rejoice in him with joy that he imparts Let us...
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Assumptus ex equuleo
Assúmptus ex equúleo Levíta Vincéntius, atque ad patíbulum raptus, moras carníficum arguéndo, ad pœnam alácriter properábat.
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Jesu dulcis memoria
Jesu, dúlcis memória, Dans véra córdis gáudia : Sed super mel et ómnia Ejus dúlcis præséntia. 2. Nil cánitur suávius, Nil audítur jucúndius,...
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KyrieA - Mass XVII "Advent & Lent"
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