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Congregational Magnificat
Uploaded by Daniel Hartwig at Trinity Lutheran Church on 2021-04-29
Magnificat, Mary, Luke 2
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REFRAIN: Magnificat! My soul now magnifies the Lord.
Magnificat! My spirit joys in God my Savior.
1. His lowly servant’s state He has addressed,
All generations now will call me “Blessed.”
For God is Mighty, Holy is His name.
He does great things. His mercy shall remain.
2. His strong arm scatters those who vainly boast,
He brings down kings, and raises humble hosts.
He lets the hungry feast until they’re done
But sends the boastful rich away with none.
3. His people Israel, His chosen race,
He’s helped for He recalls His Word of grace,
As, to our fathers, He spoke once before,
To Ab’ram and his children evermore.

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