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Bilingual songs
Created by Gard, Richard at STM Taize Thursday on 2017-08-13
English Spanish Burmese Chinese Korean Latin Taiwanese
music_note Psalm 62 Rest my soul (bilingual)
music_note Santo: A Bilingual Communion Rite: Lamb of God
music_note Psalm 138 Lord, your love is eternal - Bilingual Spanish
music_note Sanctus
music_note Psalm 147 Praise the Lord (bilingual)
music_note Veni Creator Spiritus (Binchois, ed. Jane Lynch)
music_note Come Let Us Sing - Ven a Cantar
music_note Return to God - Volvamos Hoy a Nuestra Dios
music_note Memorial Acclamation (Divine Shepherd) Spanish
music_note Psalm 116: Our Blessing Cup/El Cáliz Que Bendecimos
music_note Psalm 131 In You O Lord I Have Found My Peace - Salmo 130 Guarda Mi Alma en la Paz Junto a Ti Señor
music_note Go in peace - Shalom chaverim (bilingual round)
music_note Psalm 80 (bilingual)
music_note Santo : A Bilingual Communion Rite: Memorial Acclamation
music_note Alegrate Reina del Cielo - Rejoyce Queen of Heaven
music_note a la Trinidad - To the Trinity (bilingual)
music_note Puer nobis nascitur (bilingual)
music_note Come let us praise Parent God - Burmese
music_note Ps 145 with Hangul verses
music_note Santo: A Bilingual Communion Rite: Holy
music_note "La Virgen de Guadalupe" full score (bilingual text)
music_note For the bread which you have broken (bilingual Taiwanese)
music_note God we praise you for this Lord's day (bilingual Chinese)
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