As we gather
by Nettleton
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As we gather at your table
Holding fast, Lord, to your Word
We are one, Lord, in communion
By your spirit we are formed

Hold us closer as we listen
Show our lowly souls the way
We are searching, we are hungry
Grateful for your loving ways.

2. Though our words have good intention
Do our actions demonstrate,
Our faith in all our dealings
Using love to wipe out hate?

Keep us mindful of your teaching
Bringing peace where there is strife.
Make us loving, open minded and
Forgiving throughout life.

3. When our prayers are offered up, Lord
Look beyond our words and ways
For our hearts are often weary,
Seeking solace through the days.

We are nourished by your spirit
We are guided by your word,
We are led by all that’s holy
You sustain us. You are heard.

4.Gracious spirit, holy counsel,
Keep our eyes on what is true
Open hearted, with compassion
We would be the face of you.

In our actions we’ll show mercy,
Give our time and talents, too.
Show us how to live for others,
As we also live for you.

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